"I suddenly felt empowered" | Client Feature


Your Name: Stoney dethmore

How old are you? 22

What do you do for a living? Bookkeeper

What made you take the leap of faith to do a boudoir session? I decided to do one to try and boost my self confidence after having some very negative people in my life for a while.

Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? Yes for sure! I was prettified... not many people have seen me nude before, and the first person that did told me horrible things about my body. So walking into someone's studio I had never meet to be photographed almost nude was so nerve racking and scary I almost wasn't sure I would be able to do it!

Was the session different to what you expected it to be? Absolutely! However, I wasn't expecting to walk in as a shy unconfident Stoney, and walk out beautified with what felt like enough confidece to go grocery shopping in the nude!

2017_ACB_Mermaid (4 of 48).jpg

What was your favourite part about the experience? The best part of the whole experience was feeling so confident and happy in my own skin! It gave me a while new outlook of myself and how others see me. Also the very unexpected reaction from my man hehe.

How did you feel when you saw your photographs? I first couldn't believe it was me and thought for sure they were someone else. Then after looking at them a bit more I suddenly felt empowered and that although I'm not "perfect", I am in my own way! I have also never felt sexier then the moment I got to view my images.

Do you have any advise for other women wanting to do a boudoir session? Just do it! Step out side of your comfort zone because believe me it is so worth it! All those nerves and worries are completely normal, however use them to your advantage and go in with no expections for yourself and just trust Allison to make you look mighty fine!

2017_ACB_Mermaid (22 of 48).jpg

Did anything change in regards to how you see your body now? Everything! I used to be the person that believed that until I was a size 6 and had skinny thighs I wouldn't be seen as beautiful or even sexy, but now I don't even find myself stressing about toning up or loading on a few kilograms because I know that I am naturally beautiful the way I am!

How did you like working with Allison & her team? Loved it! Allison and her team made me feel as though there entire job was only for me, and made the entire day so personal. It was like having a slumber party when you where 6, getting dolled up and dressed up and then getting to pose and move around like a professional model. Allison was great in talking me through every pose and step. She showed me everything and explains how things where going to go. She made it all feel very natural and not forced or awkward! I'm also thinking about when/what my next shoot could be.


Makeup: Beauty of Tatum
Mermaid Transformation: Get Funk'd Darwin
Photography/video/crown - Boudoir by Allison Cole
Tail - Darwin Mermaids