How to use lightroom for same day boudoir IPS


So this one is for the photographers out there.. hola!

I have been doing same day in person sales (IPS) for quite a while now, and I am getting asked a lot lately how I do a viewing and what program I use. Firstly, I love doing the viewing right after a session because it means my client A) does not have to make several trips to see me and B) it means the sale is done and dusted the day of the session. 

This post isnt about how I conduct a sales session, it is however about what program I use and how I use it. There are many different programs avalible on the market. But like everything in my business I like to keep things SUPER SIMPLE! So I use lightroom as my method of selecting images.

The first thing you need to know right off the bat is that the images I show the client immediatly after the session, are not edited. I chose a very long time ago to only edit the images the client purchases as I simply do not have time to edit everything any more.

I plug my CF memory card into my card reader, move the images from the card to my external harddrive. Into the correct folder.
My folder system looks like this: 

2017 > 2017 Boudoir > B0117 - First Last Name - YES/NO MC/FULL
B = boudoir
01 = the number of the session, for example 02,03,04 ect
17 = the year
Yes/No = if the gallery can be shared online or not
MC/FULL = My session types ex: Model Call session or a Full Session

See the screenshot below for my import settings for lightroom.
You will notice I tell lightroom to add the images, not to apply any presets and to not make any copies.

Once the images are imported it is time to very quicky cull them. I aim to cull my galleries to around 60 images. To cull I click on the first image and hit the space bar. This will open it full screen. To keep an image you press P key and if you accidently select an image you don't want just hit the X key. After you have selected all the images you wish to show the client you will need to bring up the selected images. See the screenshot to the right that explains how to do this. 

Now we are ALMOST ready to show the client their images, but I have one last step that is going to make life super easy when it comes to editing for orders. We are going to create a collection and sub folders. These are not folders on the computer but a filing system within LR to make life a breeze! 

> Go to the collections tab on the right side bar under library.
> Then click on the plus button.
> Select Create Collection Set and change name to your clients first and last name
> Now repeat, click on the plus button again. This time click create collection, name this (1) Culled. Now repeat this and name the remaining RED = Product 1, YELLOW = Product 2 ect

Once your done, grab your gallery of culled images, select them all and move them to (1) Culled under collections. This is where you will work from colour coding your images. I have added a sceenshot to the right of how I set mine up.

 No Filter Selected

No Filter Selected

 Press the first flag (white) to only view the culled images

Press the first flag (white) to only view the culled images

 How my collections are set out for every client. I sell digitals a la cart so any images they say yes to are marked RED

How my collections are set out for every client. I sell digitals a la cart so any images they say yes to are marked RED

It is time to invite your client in to view their images! Now the above may seem like it is going to take you a million years, but in actual fact it takes about 10-12 minutes including the import and cull. 

When you are going through the gallery with your client, keep to a "Keep it or Skip it" terminology. Any "keeps" press 6 to label red. Once you have gone through every image filter the red and move them to your yes collection. Now go back through the "skip it's" and see if there are any more that can be added to the "keep" pile. Once you are done. Go to the RED = YES folder and confirm these with the client or remove any they dont want in there by selecting the image again and pressing 6. Now select images for the album from the yes folder. To add another colour label, create a virtual copy of the image and label that one witht the colour you require. 

Below is an example of the culled gallery with the yes selections not yet filtered or moved to the RED = Yes folder.

I have order forms that I write down what the client ordered, I also screen shot the images from each section and print them out and staple them to the order form to make it really simple when I go to edit or order, that I am looking at the correct images, It is a double check that everything matches, and I just love paper! ♥ 

I really hope this helps you all with your sales sessions to make life simple and a breeze for your client too. 

Allison Cole