How to do a same day sales session for boudoir


As a photographer who is self taught there are many aspects of my business I had to try and fail at before I worked out how to do it right! I decided very early on I wanted to hsare as much as I could about how I do certain tasks within my business so that it might help someone else.

Today we are talking about how a sales session works. Now there are a few things your going to need to get the sales you want. However thats not to say, you wont get them without these things either. 

> A pricelist (remember to keep it simple)
> Lightroom, a computer & a harddrive
> Sample products. Start with the product you want to sell most of, ex: an album
> A tv or monitor you can display images on. 
> A method to recieve payments. I use PayPal Here eftpos machine & OpenPay for payment plans
> An order form with your sales contract attached

Imediatly after I finish shooting I tell the client to pack up her stuff and show her to the viewing room. This is where she will wait for 10 minutes while I prepare the images. You can see how I do this with Lightroom in my previous blog post.

Once the Gallery is ready for the client to view, I grab my labtop and harddrive, go to the viewing room and plug everything into the TV with a HDMI cord. Once set up I talk to the client and ask what she is wanting to do with the images, at this point we don't discuss prices as I want my client to really love her images and enjoy them in all their glory!

I go through the gallery 3 times with a client.
The first round is us going through and picking EVERY SINGLE photo she likes or might possibly like.
Next we go back through the ones that were not selected and see if there were any missed.
Lastly I bring up all the selected images, this is when I discuss options with the client and talk about how much things will cost. My galleries consits of aprox 60 images. So when we are viewing those final selections and they have around 30 images, this is when I will discuss their option of purchasing the full gallery at a special price. Below is a screen shot of a final gallery image selection from a recent sales session.

After you have discussed the options and pricing, shut up! Let your client think, DO NOT push them into a sale. I know that when I am told how much something costs, I go silent and think about all the other stuff I have on my mental "I want this list" in my head. I work out if what I am currently being offered is better value then those things or if I can live with out them ect. Remember you are selling to a women, we have a lot of stuff we want. So let her think and process. If the silence is too much for you, ask her what she is thinking and get her to say it out loud. 

After about 5 minutes she will know exactly what she wants to do. Normally from my experince this is when the client turns to me and says I want them all, can we do a payment plan on finance? I disucss how this works with her, the terms and see if we can get approval. 95% of the time it is approved, the deposit is paid and the sale is final. If in the instance she is not approved for finance, I have payment plan options through my business, however the client knows that if she does this, no products are ordered/delivered until paid in full. 

To get the sales you want there is a few things you need to remember.
> Don't devalue yourself, and charge what your worth - if you want to learn more about this send me a message to set up a mentoring session
> Do not use car sales man tatics.
> Be flexible and happy to work with any clients budget, she will greatly appricate it. 
> And as the great Sue Bryce says "give more for more" Dont give anything away for free but give more of a service for a bigger sale. 

If you have any questions or wish to set up a mentoring session please send me message:


Allison Cole