Completely NAKED | Client Feature


At 43, Kirsten Wilson is feeling the most confident she ever has in her own skin. She loves her physique, something she works really hard to achieve. However this charismatic child care worker did have her doubts about how comfortable she would feel COMPLETELY NAKED in front of another person other than her partner.

Kirsten soon realised she had nothing to fear and in her own words described the session as "AMAZING! Allison is freaking fabulous, a taltened and beautiful person".


-Kirsten Wilson, 43, Child Care Worker

Being totally naked was Kirsten's favourite part of the photoshoot. SHE WAS SHOCKED but in the nest way possible at how easy it was. She didn't realise she would look that good in the photos.


Kirsten suggests that if you are thinking about a Boudoir Session, that you "DO IT, DO IT NOW. If you feel like you need to be EMPOWERED, own your SEXUALITY and revel in your SENSUALITY - DO IT NOW!"


Kirsten told me that she felt powerful, because even though she thought she had imperfections, the camera did not pick them up. In Kirsten's words, "Allison is amazing! She is so talented and so capable and committed to her craft. She is able to pull something out of you that you didn't even know you were capable of! Oh, and my make-up and hair were ON POINT - fabulous job!

Allison Cole