She Finally Saw Herself | Client Feature

After losing 30kg in three years, Samoan still struggled to give herself rewards for her efforts, however when the chance to apply or a model call came up, she thought it was ABOUT TIME.


- Samoane Regattieri, 42, Social Worker

Samoane decided that her images would be a GIFT TO HERSELF. She felt she really needed to see what WORTH and INNER BEAUTY she had. I hope she treasures her images forever! 

I wanted to see the real me
— Samoane Regattieri

We all have our FAVOURITE part of our bodies and that is what we focus on in the Boudoir Photoshoot. However from time to time, I love to SURPRISE girls, with the hopes they will learn to love their less desired features as well. To become FLAWSOME!

Samoane loves her BOOBS, BUTT and EYES! We do too xo 

Maybe I’m not 100% perfect...but I’m pretty damn FLAWSOME
— Boudie Babe
Allison Cole